Popular Places to Install Ceramic Tiles in the Home – Massaro Tile

When you’re choosing a material to use for flooring in your home, you want to think about a few factors. How the floor looks and how long it will last are important considerations. Homeowners also want to know where to install the new flooring. Ceramic tile floor installation makes a lot of sense in many areas of the house.

The Bathroom

When it comes to putting tile in your home, you may first think about the bathroom—and for good reasons. This room is most susceptible to water and humidity. Ceramic tiles can withstand moisture and temperature changes. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain these tiles. In your bathroom, simply take a mop or cloth with a cleaning agent, and go over the surfaces. This will remove debris and kill any bacteria growing in the room. With ceramic tile floor installation, you can choose a color to match or complement the other features in the bathroom, including the walls, shower tiles and vanity.

The Kitchen

Where else might you encounter spills in the home? The kitchen is probably the next obvious choice. This is why homeowners choose this room for ceramic tiles. Ceramic can withstand spilled water, dropped food and plenty of foot traffic over the years. Your kitchen floor is sure to take a lot of abuse, and this material is an excellent candidate to bear the brunt.

Entry Ways

Think about all the moisture, dirt and other items people will track into your home. Ceramic tiles work well as entry-way flooring. You won’t have trouble cleaning up after messes on this surface. Use the tiles by the front door or leading out to the garage. Ceramic may also be a good choice in a mudroom or a laundry room where messes tend to find their way.

For your next ceramic tile floor installation, think about these areas in your home. Then, hire a professional to get started on your project.